Ultimate Golf and Leisure provides custom Golf Simulator installation services throughout the greater toronto area (GTA), including Durham region, London, Muskoka, Niagara Falls and Kitchener


Experience 130% sharper graphics paired with a 24-position moving swing plate that recreates true course contours. Dual high speed cameras capture swing and ball data like never before. Golfzon TwoVision changes the game.

Unrelat Swing Plate
24 position swing plate combined with multisurface mats recreates true course contours.

Unrelat Cameera & Sensors
TwoVision’s dual high speed sensors offer the most accurate swing data available.  Take advantage of the new Virtual Caddie to up your game.

TwoVision Premium
golfzon north vision t1 sensor 600x429 1

T1 Sensors
Two high speed GOLFZON cameras accurately trace the ball and club movements over a wide measurement field to accurately capture the data and display it immediately in the software.

golfzon north vision swing replay 600x429 1

Swing Replay
Built in camera allows you to record, review and compare your swing to the pros! Upload your best shots to your online account automatically after each round.

golfzon north vision swing plate 600x429 1

Moving Swing Plate
The 8-way hydraulic plate simulates real golf with real slopes making the GOLFZON experience unlike any other.

golfzon north vision auto tee 600x429 1

Smart Auto-Tree
Why bend over? We’ll do it for you. With adjustable tee height, this feature is a must.


Our competitive pricing and many exclusive features, including best-in-class graphics, create an optimal indoor golf space for your home.

  • Fairway Hitting Mat
  • Optional Moving Swing Plate
  • T2 Floor Mounted Camera Sensor
  • Auto-Tee and Ball Retrieval System
  • Vision Software with Optional GDR and Arcade Software

Recommended Room Dimensions:

golfzon north vision space requirment 1200x746 1

Take your game to the next level with our simulators!


On-Site Consulting:

Offer an on-site consultation to assess the space where the simulator will be installed, and provide recommendations on the best type of simulator for the client’s needs and budget.


Provide custom design options to ensure that the golf simulator fits seamlessly into the client’s home decor and space.

Installation Services:

Offer installation services by experienced technicians to ensure that the simulator is installed properly and operates safely.

Training and Support:

Provide training and ongoing support to ensure that the client can use the golf simulator effectively and efficiently.

Maintenance and Upgrades:

Offer maintenance and upgrade services to ensure that the golf simulator continues to operate at peak performance and that the client has access to the latest technology and features.


“At Ultimate Golf & Leisure, we are more than a golf simulator company, we're experts in creating design-driven and tech-forward experiences that take your game and entertainment space to the next level! We assist in best class golf simulator components to meet your needs and budget. We work with you to integrate market leading simulators technology into a beautifully designed, multi purpose golf and entertainment system. We do it by combining our simulator knowledge, design experience and our enthusiasm for our work; Helping you create the Ultimate Golf and Leisure!”

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