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Ultimate Golf and Leisure also has a division to provide wide range of residential and commercial flooring throughout the greater toronto area (GTA), including Durham region, London, Muskoka, Niagara Falls and Kitchener.

Concrete flooring has several advantages in modern buildings. For example, many companies are now choosing concrete flooring for their high-traffic areas due to the material’s superior durability. Concrete flooring is also exceptionally flexible in its application. So, if you have a distinct structural requirement within your property, we can offer simple and effective integration.

Because of the versatility of concrete flooring, the material is the requisite choice for restaurants, bars, and retail stores. It’s also possible to incorporate your business’s branding directly into the material for instant brand recognition!

Epoxy Flooring Options

Our epoxy flooring options set the standard within the industry, and we can help you select a style of epoxy flooring that is suitable for your property.


Many companies are now choosing epoxy flooring for garage and warehouse spaces because the material is easy to clean and maintain and will look professional for years to come.

Condo Parking Garages

Epoxy flooring systems are also ideal for machining areas. That’s because epoxy is highly resistant to many contaminants, including oil and grease. It won’t stain like other forms of flooring, so epoxy is used frequently within the automotive industry and home garages.

Medical Centres

Hospitals and clinics also use epoxy flooring because the material is resistant to germs and bacteria.

It’s essential to consider the full range of advantages when making your selection. We’ve got decades of experience working with high-quality epoxy flooring products and can help you to consolidate your flooring costs.

We also offer professional installation for epoxy systems. Our installation team can complete their work in a quick time frame, minimizing the potential disruption to your operations or your clients’ business,

Concrete Floor Polishing

There is a wide range of benefits gained from polishing concrete flooring and having that work completed by a local specialist.

-Increase Shine and Light

Polished concrete floors have a high gloss level, which helps to increase the ambient lighting in buildings such as retail stores and warehouses.

concrete sealer can be used on these floors to improve their lifetime and overall appearance as well.

-Minimize Contamination

Polishing and sealing concrete can also help prevent contaminants from entering the material. It’s why many local hospitals and health facilities have polished concrete floors.

-Enhance Appearance

Polishing concrete also helps improve the appearance of the material. It helps companies present a professional appeal that will enhance their reputation throughout the industry.

S&R Flooring Concepts Inc. is one of the foremost local companies for concrete floor polishing. We have decades of experience working with polished concrete and can help you save.


Quality Concrete Grinding, Polishing & Epoxy

When you need a concrete flooring system, we can be there with products designed for exceptional durability. We’ll harness our decades of experience in the flooring industry to help you choose quality products designed for seamless integration in your building.

Whether you have a new concrete surface or a 50-year-old slab, we can bridge the gap between aesthetics and performance through our effective grinding and polishing concrete process. We go beyond quality and efficiency.

Take your game to the next level with our simulators!


On-Site Consulting:

Offer an on-site consultation to assess the space where the simulator will be installed, and provide recommendations on the best type of simulator for the client’s needs and budget.


Provide custom design options to ensure that the golf simulator fits seamlessly into the client’s home decor and space.

Installation Services:

Offer installation services by experienced technicians to ensure that the simulator is installed properly and operates safely.

Training and Support:

Provide training and ongoing support to ensure that the client can use the golf simulator effectively and efficiently.

Maintenance and Upgrades:

Offer maintenance and upgrade services to ensure that the golf simulator continues to operate at peak performance and that the client has access to the latest technology and features.


“At Ultimate Golf & Leisure, we are more than a golf simulator company, we're experts in creating design-driven and tech-forward experiences that take your game and entertainment space to the next level! We assist in best class golf simulator components to meet your needs and budget. We work with you to integrate market leading simulators technology into a beautifully designed, multi purpose golf and entertainment system. We do it by combining our simulator knowledge, design experience and our enthusiasm for our work; Helping you create the Ultimate Golf and Leisure!”

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