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Robo Ranger Categories

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Golf Ball Picker

  • Couples with specially-designed inline 4-gang picker

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Autonomous Lawn Mower

  • Tows wheel gang mower for low-noise cutting
  • Lifts a 48V cutting unit with our suspension arm
  • Mows greens and tee decks with the push of a button
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  • Features a grid measure and 3D map for soil humidity, PH, EC, Nutrition, and temperature
robo buddy 3


  • Features our battery or gas powered 100 Gal tank sprayer
  • Syncs with RoboSensor to control spraying location and pressure

Golf Ball Picker

Advantage of robo ranger

  • Started commercial use from May, 2022.

  • More than 20  happy current users / customers started from Apr. 2023 

  • Total 20,000 sessions, 50M balls picked

  • Never run out of balls

  • No headache to find labor

  • No new crew training and liabilities

  • No dangerous driving

  • No constant damage parts and repairs

  • No range holes made by tractors

  • Fast learning curve for range staff

  • Manual/auto Mode

  • Remote controller

  • One button operation

  • Low profile design

  • Reduce ball bounce back danger

  • 1.1m x 1m x 0.45m

  • Fit in most range shed for storage and charging

  • Robot weight 350lbs

  • Won’t damage the greens or Tdeck

  • Can go muddy or wet area or work in the rain. 

  • Easier to handle

  • Robot with zero turn design for mowing

  • Small turn radius for ball picking around flags or corners

  • U turn in 3 meters for narrow home location

  • 24 hours or 3 days continuous working with full  charge

  • > 3000 battery cycle time

  • High gauge metal tube for picker frame

  • High towing capability

  • Can climb up to 25 degree slope

  • One unit can fit for the largest range

  • 15 feet wide picker

  • Max 3500 balls

  • Constant speed throughout a session, no slow down at each turn

  • Home location can be as close as possible to washer, no ball shuttle needed

  • All metal body

  • Anti-explosion antenna

  • Antenna with rubber rim design to protect from stingers

  • Thousands of ball hitting with no broken in the past 2 years

  • Waterproof, can be cleaned with high pressure washer

  • Front safebar

  • Watchdog Software to protect from signal loss

  • Lidar/Ultrasonic/Camera optional

  • Virtual fence

Autonomous Lawn Mower

Take your game to the next level with Robo-Ranger!