Simulator Cabin

Caddie 70A ALU ISO

322.92 ft² | 190.9 X 255.9 inches

Price: $36,738.00

Indoor area: 322.92 ft²
Log profile: 2.76 in
Number of floors: 1
Number of rooms: 2
Base dimensions: 190.9 X 255.9 inches
Floor space 1 floor: 322.92 ft²
Floor Material: 1.1 in
Roof Type: 1
Floor included: Yes
Wood type: Nordic spruce, massive logs
Ridge height: 140.85 in
Roof area: 620 ft²
Eave Height: 93.01 in
Doors Included: Yes
Windows Included: Yes
Roof Shingles Included: no
Roof Slope: 14.1 °
Roof Material: Nordic spruce

Log Cabins & Houses

For a healthier, more organic lifestyle – look no further than log houses! They are quickly becoming one of the most beloved types of homes for many people around the world. A genuine wood construction creates an atmosphere that is welcoming and warm – perfect for creating lasting memories with your loved ones.

Why Buy A Wooden Log House

Multifunctional design

Building a home is an opportunity to create something unique and to bring your dream into reality. The natural beauty of log-building can help you achieve that, whether it’s traditional or modern! Enjoy the warmth of nature in every room – with massive logs as part of your design, no other material will give you that same feeling.

Natural light

Our log houses are designed with plenty of windows and doors to let in the sunshine! Sunlight has been proven to have a huge impact on our lives. It can increase mood, energy levels, and even concentration – making us feel more relaxed or alert when needed. Plus – who doesn’t love all that natural light?

Indoor air quality

Imagine living in a home made of natural wood, with delightful smells and an inviting feel to it. Log houses keep moisture levels balanced for optimal air quality and provide an effective antibacterial surface to help maintain your house’s health. With a log home, you can enjoy the enchanting scent of cedar as soon as you walk in!

Energy efficiency

Stop wasting energy with conventional construction – log homes offer an incredibly efficient way of living! Boasting great insulation values and, depending on the sealant used, is up to 20% more efficient than standard builds. On hot days there’s no need for air conditioning while a trusty wood burner can have you snug during winter months in record time. Get your own sustainable sanctuary today!

We use high quality Nordic/Baltic Spruce

The most common wood type of wood used is Nordic/Baltic Spruce (Picea-Abais) but Baltic Pine (Pinus Sylvestris) may be used on specific models. Both are soft woods that grow in cold climates in northern Europe. They are dense-growth trees with 6 to 8 times the growth rings than that of standard (SPF) spruce, pine or fir. Spruce has a tighter grain with smaller knots than Pine, but both are easy to mill and lightweight.

Quick delivery of our in-stock items

Get your log house delivered straight to you! Our in-stock items arrive within 2-4 weeks and our factory-shipped products take around 10-12 weeks – giving plenty of time for planning ahead. 

Our delivery service includes unloading

Get your new log house without trouble – our delivery service includes unloading, with no extra charge and zero effort on your part. So sit back and relax; we have got you covered!

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